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Dea Safira Basori

A Javanese Feminist beating all odds to find her true love, life and passion.

FeministFest: Indonesia

Who would have thought that the most populated Muslim country in the world would be bold enough to revive the Feminist Festival, once held over a decade ago? The Jakarta Feminists’ Discussion Group, consisting of feminists from all different background…

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Not Muslim enough

I get frustrated when I read narratives about Muslim women. I also get confused because these narratives often lack the voices of women who were raised in Muslim communities outside the Middle East. It may sound petty, but I barely…

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Dear Father

Dear Father I know to you I am your only Daughter But I am my own person now Father I know it’s hard to set me free But I am not in any ease I know my choices are not…

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They say that we’re women

They say that we’re Queens     but a queen who can never rule her own kingdom They say that we’re Jewelry     but we’re not allowed to show how pretty and shiny we can be They say that our bodies are Precious…

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