Photo credit: Flickr / John Chandler

The sound of a dying heart

Do you not hear the sound of hope falling?

It shatters as it hits the ground

It clinks, it clanks

Do you know what words sound like as they disappear?

It is a backwards whisper

An uncomfortable removal of syllable, one by one

Do you know the sound of memories fading?

It is an imperceptible echo

It bounces until it does not reach

And when everything you once knew leaves

Do you know the song of nothingness?

It screams a forgotten tongue

A language with no meaning

Do you hear that?

It screeches, it scratches

It is the mind erasing

Erasing every trace of those bonds which once existed

Another screech, another inseparable tie pulling apart

Have you heard the deep hollowing of eyelids closing?

It is a low-pitched sound

They shut heavy, they remain closed as they try to forget

Do you hear me losing myself?

A once dreamer, once believer

Now a quiet, cold demeanor

I can hear me losing myself

It is the sound of a shadow stumbling

It falters, it tumbles

It’s gone

All that I hear now is the hum of silence

An anechoic eeriness

Nothing else