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Gaza Stories

Women’s accounts of life and death in Gaza.


Fida by Samah Sokar 

‘Not long ago you were beside me. Where did you go? Your place became vacant and now I am alone waiting for nobody. No one will visit me; it’s a very hard feeling.’ This is how Fida described the first day of Ramadan 2017. At iftar, she only had empty chairs and memories.

Fida, who is still in her thirties, is a mother of three girls and three boys. She recounts her story in tears: ‘What can I say and where shall I start?’ She recollects her thoughts and words, ‘During the last war on Gaza in 2014, about 70 people were in our home hiding from the rockets and bombs that were falling on us from all sides. We left home in the early hours of dawan, escaping death.’

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Yusra by Mona Mousa

One look into Yusra’s eyes summarises the pain of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip over the past four years. This war has burned down everything, without discrimination. Az-Zanna, the green area located east of the Khan Younis governorate, known as the economic basket of Gaza, was almost erased. The black clouds covered the sky and fires burned everything indiscriminately.

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Ifat by Khloud Abu Dhaher

‘Determination, persistence and good fortune had come together. We realised that what we strived for had become a reality. But when our dreams were shattered by the occupation we realized that we had to differentiate between two conflicting feelings: the ecstasy of success and the bitterness of death,’ said Itaf.

Itaf continued speaking about the pain that had hit her body and soul. She took a deep breath and returned to her memory of the time when her husband lost his legs as the result of a work injury. That incident led her to contact civil organisations and societies until one of them assisted her in establishing a small enterprise of two beehives in 2002.

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