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Standing together for FGM survivors

Leyla Hussein has been at the forefront of the campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and to ensure support for women and girls affected by it for over 15 years. Her ground-breaking work to provide specialist counselling support for…

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Yanar Mohammed on trafficking in Iraq

In this interview with Yanar, we hear about how her organization’s work against trafficking in women and girls, particularly sexual exploitation, has been impacted by the turmoil caused by Islamic extremists and ISIS.

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The courageous resistance of Okara’s women

The landless farmers of Okara’s military-owned farms have a long history of resistance against the military and land owning classes. The tenants (mazareen) have been tilling the land for over a hundred years. Agricultural and non-agricultural workers from East Punjab…

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Why I removed my hijab for a day

Born in Britain to Lebanese parents with Persian and Meccan heritage, I was brought up within a very conservative and orthodox Muslim family. One could describe my family as being strict Muslim. But for me as a child, it wasn’t…

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