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Married at 13 years of age

In a rural part of Haryana, India, three newly-wedded sisters are home together for the first time since they got married. ‘We have come back to our village to visit our parents,’ explains Meenu, 20, the eldest. Her sisters, Saakshi…

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Like a virgin..?

Last week a good friend of mine shared a tweet to our private Facebook group. The tweet, ‘How to find out if she’s a virgin’ was posted by a ‘sheikh’ in support of his ‘Game of Marriage’ course, a free…

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Are terrorists mentally ill?

Once again, a series of tragic massacres have rocked our world. First, it was 49 people, killed in a gay nightclub in Orlando. This mass murderer was Omar Mateen. The FBI says that Mateen was ‘undoubtedly radicalized.’ In Nice, a…

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’In Her Honour’

‘Honour’ based violence exists in many forms around the world, from more subtle social controls to more visible physical violence and crimes. ‘Honour’ killings portray the worst of humanity and the most grievous of patriarchal norms and practices perpetrated against…

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Murdered by my Father

A few days after watching Murdered by my Father I asked my sister what she thought of it. She said ‘he reminded me of dad’ in a low surprised tone, as if she had just made a discovery.  Then she…

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Love is not dishonourable

Since I was a child, I was taught to be a good and obedient girl. I was not to speak too loudly or walk too cheerfully; I had to keep in line like other good Asian girls. I was instructed…

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The sister with seven brothers

Folktales are often violent and filled with sexual content. The pastel Princesses of early Disney films represent an art-form sanitised for Victorian sensitivities rather than the earthy concerns of its original creators. Folklore often has female creators who use the…

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